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Private Training

Program Description-

Small Group Sunday training classes are a great way to get out and work on your game on a weekly basis. They are also a great option for players whose schedule won't allow them to commit to a weekly clinic. Our Small Group Sunday training can range from 2- 6 players and will be customized each week to focus on the sessions topic.  This program is for 7th - 12th grade boys.  All groups will be separated based upon grade level. Please contact us if you'd like to set up your own small group training session on another date and time. 

Cost- $40 


Our training classes for 1/21 are

 Elite Defensive Training- 10am  -- Shooting & Finishing- 11am

@ Champions Sports Performance- 18831 Statesville Road, Cornelius NC 28031

Girl's Training coming soon!

***During the registration process you will be asked to pick which training class you would like to participate in.***

1 v 1  Private Training

 Contact us at and we will set a date and time that works best for you!

New Players

Our training sessions will focus on teaching fundamental skills and creating good habits to help new players acclimate to the sport of lacrosse. Our training methods allow players to learn a skill in small manageable parts that build upon one another. All players must wear full equipment for training.

Cost- $50 per hour

Experienced/All Star Players

Our training sessions will be customized to work on a specific skill or concept.  We work with you to turn your weaknesses into your strengths to become a complete player.  As you grow, your game needs to grow too.  We turn lacrosse players into intelligent students of the game.  All players must wear full equipment for training.

Cost- $50 per hour

Position Specific Training

We also offer position specific training which includes training goalies, attackmen, midfielders, defenseman, and face-off players. Please contact us and we can customize a position specific training session for you.

Cost- $50 per hour 

Small Group Training

Contact us at and we will set a date and time that works best for you!

Small group training sessions allow us to isolate specific skills and work on them in controlled game situations. Our small group training can range from 2- 6 players and will be customized to work on the group's needs as players.  If you and a few teammates are looking to get to the next level, our small group training is for you. All players must wear full equipment for training.  If you would prefer to set up your own customized small group session.

Cost- $40 per hour per player

Team Training

If your team is looking to train together in the off-season, we can help!  We have extensive experience training teams and implementing team offenses and defenses in the off-season so that your team is ready on Day 1!  Contact us at for pricing.


Check out the video of Coach O'Rorke implementing an invert defense for

 Sherwood HS, Lincoln HS & Southridge HS school in Oregon!

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