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Blueprint for Player Success

Step One of our blueprint for success is deciding to make a sacrifice in your daily life to find the time to work towards your goal. We strongly believe in the concept of sacrificing to improve. In short, we believe that in order earn the thrill of achievement, you must overcome some tough challenges along the way. We are committed to helping our players achieve their goals through elite coaching, positive reinforcement and by developing mental toughness.
Everyday in life and in sports, you have the opportunity to better yourself. Step Two of our plan is simple, we want our athletes to attack every opportunity with passion, and push through their physical and mental limits. Our SOAR staff brings passion to every training session to inspire and instill confidence in our athletes. We expect our players to compete with themselves. Outwork doesn't just mean physically training hard, it also means being coachable, being positive, and being personally accountable at every training session.
Step Three of the SOAR blueprint is Achievement.  Achievement doesn't just come in the form of winning a championship. We want our athletes to achieve small victories every session.  We firmly believe that if you make sacrifices and work hard, you deserve to celebrate your success.
Step Four is to repeat the process. We want achievement to become addictive. We are committed to guiding our athletes down the path of success as we believe once you learn to win/achieve, you'll never stop. One small victory should lead to the next challenge.  We want to see all of our players SOAR!

How are you going to catch your competition!

The current trend in youth lacrosse is to play as many games as possible, for the best team possible, and to travel all over the country to gain college exposure. This process typically starts for players around the 5th grade and continues through high school. We believe strongly in the importance of game experience, but not at the sacrifice of properly learning the game. In a school setting, students are given many more homework assignments than tests in a given semester. The philosophy behind SOAR parallels that concept.  We strongly believe that training and learning proper techniques is more important than game play. Our SOAR training will enhance both your skill level and lacrosse IQ. How you learn can be just as important as what you learn. Our proven teaching methods are designed to systematically enhance our players' lacrosse IQ.  Our training is designed to maximize how our players learn by teaching the game in small manageable parts that build upon one another.  Come SOAR with us!

Whether you're the best player on your team or brand new to lacrosse, we can help your game!

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