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Dave Tremanis Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

Being an exceptional lacrosse player does not always translate into being an exceptional lacrosse coach. Brian O'Rorke is one of the few exceptional people who meets both of these qualities. Brian's lacrosse IQ is second to none, and he is able to impart his knowledge to his players in a way that they can understand. Whether he is teaching someone to hold a stick for the first time, or giving a potential college player that one piece of advice to bring his game to an even higher level, Brian is a coach who can identify exactly what a player needs to succeed and help his players become the best they can be. Playing under Brian for many years in my youth, and coaching alongside him as an adult, I have seen the impact he has left on not only his players' skills, but also their character. Brian practices what he preaches; accountability, character, and respect. These qualities are reflected in his players.  Brian's ability to motivate his players, both on and off the field, and mold them into high-level lacrosse athletes makes him a truly special coach and individual. 

Jordan Taddei Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

Coach O'Rorke is a lacrosse mastermind and he prepared me to play at the collegiate level as well as guided me through the recruiting process. Coach O'Rorke improves players' lacrosse IQ and develops mental toughness. He's a coach who understands each individual and will take the time to help them become a complete lacrosse player.

Drew Lane Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

Brian is not only a talented coach, he is a special person. Brian coached my son for five years and my son is a better player and a better person as a result. As a former college lacrosse star and professional player, Brian's knowledge of the game - both technique and strategy - is superior. However, it is Brian's ability to connect with players of all ability levels and determine what motivates each of them that is truly impressive. Brian exudes a quiet confidence and cares about each player. He deftly uses both humor and discipline to teach teamwork and respect. Accordingly, Brian's teams consistently perform at a level that exceeds the sum of its players' talents. His teams play lacrosse that is smart, selfless and aggressive. In 2015, Brian coached our team to the IMG U17 National Championship.

Laurie and Vin Mayernik Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

As parents, my husband and I always try to seek out people who could be role models in our children's lives. Brian O'Rorke is that kind of person.

My son Joe played lacrosse for Coach O'Rorke for 5 years. He is the type of coach everyone should want their children to play for. He is a very knowledgeable lacrosse coach who can teach and breakdown the needed skills. He then builds upon them to make sure that his athletes understand what is needed to perfect that specific skill. I've heard many people say that the greatest players aren't always the best coaches. In this case, they were completely wrong.
On the sideline, he is always prepared for his opponent. He understands who and what his players are capable of. He expects his athletes to give the best they can no matter what their ability is.  He teaches teamwork, being a part of a brotherhood, and that you're only as good as the people you have beside you. He preaches the importance of character and loyalty, which are both traits that I feel are so important to teach in today's society.
Coach O'Rorke not only made my son a better lacrosse player, but helped mold him into a better person. He gave him a passion for the game. He taught him that it takes hard work to obtain your goals, but in the end it's all worth it.
My son is now a sophomore at Southern New Hampshire University playing college lacrosse. If you ask my son, he will tell you that other than his family, Brian O'Rorke is one of the most influential people in his life. He taught him how to play lacrosse, but more importantly he showed him what it is to be a man.

Eileen Painter Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

I believe a coach's success may be measured on three factors: their knowledge of the game, their ability to communicate that knowledge,  and their ability to motivate their players. This is why we consider Coach Brian O'Rorke to be the complete package. Not only did he inspire and instruct my son to be the best player he was capable of being; he also motivated him to be the best young man he was capable of being.
It was our absolute pleasure to work with him.

Harrison Blanz Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

Coach O'Rorke was my coach at both Montclair High School and my summer club team. When I first began to play for him, we easily clicked. Coach O'Rorke is fair, passionate, and honest and takes lots of pride in his players and his team. He wants to improve both his players' skill level on the field and to improve their character off the field. He truly made a big impact on my high school career. He showed me how to dominate at my position, he improved my lacrosse IQ, and he made me a better person. Being an MLL and D1 player himself, he knows a lot about the game. He is the best and most knowledgeable coach who I have ever played for. 

Joe Voto Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

My name is Joe Voto and I have been involved as a coach and player in the sport of lacrosse for around 15 years. I have played at both the high school and collegiate levels where I was a captain of both of my teams. Not only did I have the privilege to play under Brian O'Rorke in my youth, I also had the opportunity to coach alongside him as an adult. Brian is an exceptional coach who is able to motivate his players at a high level, both on and off the field. Brian was a huge mentor for myself not only as a player, but also in my current profession as a High School Lacrosse Coach. Coach O'Rorke has an immense knowledge for the game of lacrosse, and is able to sculpt his players into responsible young men. He is an excellent role model and someone that I still look up to. Because of the impact Coach O'Rorke had on my life, I am still very involved with the sport that I love. Brian will challenge his athletes to be the best versions of themselves while teaching important life lessons like respect, discipline, confidence and commitment.

Brian Roth Testimonial (Coach O'Rorke)

There are many lacrosse coaches teaching the game today and Brian is second to none! I have had the privilege to coach with him for several years and I haven't seen anyone more prepared or dedicated. I have learned so much from him and he has made me and anyone around him better. He is a dedicated family man and he treats all of his players as if they were his own. He produces great lacrosse players, but even better young men. His ability to communicate his knowledge to his athletes is special. I can honestly say, that I can't think of a better man to be a positive influence in kids' lives today.

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